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The · Cloisters

-Memoirs of the fountain at dusk-

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Let's have a reunion! And by "reunion", I mean "minute gathering where we serve delicious carbonated beverages laden with aspartame at some point in the future". Possibly after I graduate, which is to say "this June". Or when I pass a road test, which is to say "absolutely never".
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...I miss you guys.

Weight of my Heart:
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As promised, here are some of the photos I took while at Bryn Mawr. If anyone dosn't want their pictures on the internet, let me know and I will remove the image.

PhotoliciousCollapse )



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Hey everyone.

Tomorrow I'm leaving for vacation and I will be gone for two weeks. I won't have internet access for the most part, but I may be able to get to an internet cafe or something. I don't know how you are going to survive without me, but you will just have to manage. XD

I'm also going to post some of my pictures from WFC later today. You all need to post yours too--if you have them that is.

Bai everyone! See you in two weeks. :D

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So... are you a disappearing girl?

I finished HBP... it was pretty disappointing. Even if I hadn't read spoilers, I'd have remained unshocked by some of the ostensible plot twists. And the first half of the book is an expository waste of paper.

I heart Equal. ^_^

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Hullooo. ;_;

Did everyone have a good trip home?

I am already missing you guys intensely. I'm sure you are all well-emersed in your Harry Potter books (I'm only on page 75, ah yes). And I know I am being just a little nostalgic by posting to talk so soon. But damnit, you people are so much cooler than the losers I go to school with.


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